TCM Baptist Church


Where everyone is someone and Jesus Christ is Lord!

Baptism and Membership


At TCM we practise believer’s baptism by immersion.

When a believer is baptised he or she is simply showing that he or she belongs to Jesus. Jesus is that person’s Saviour and Lord and he or she wants to learn to follow Him and act in obedience to Him. One of the ways in which to obey Him is to be baptised – it’s not the only way, and learning to obey Jesus in other ways will continue for the rest of his or her life.

We affirm that a person being baptised as a believer is already forgiven, already cleansed, already indwelt by the Spirit, already calling God ‘Father’ and already acknowledging Jesus as his or her Lord.

Above: Joanna, Jonathan, and Inga being baptised.

If you are interested in being baptised or finding out more about baptism at TCM, the baptismal course is for you.


Read some recent testimonies from those baptised at TCM whose lives have been changed by accepting Jesus Christ as their Saviour.


TCM Baptist Church encourages regular worshippers who are baptised believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to consider becoming members in order to participate more fully in the family life of the church.

Membership course

For those wanting to find out more about what it means to be part of the church family at TCM we offer a membership course, Nuts & Bolts. Nuts & Bolts is offered without any commitment to join us after the course, but it is a requirement for all those wishing to become members.

Please contact the Admin Team for further information.