TCM Baptist Church


Where everyone is someone and Jesus Christ is Lord!


The aim of the bookstall ministry at TCM is to bring glory to God, and to encourage others to do so.

Available on the bookstall situated in the main church hall are Bibles, Christian books, CDs, DVDs, greeting cards and other resources to encourage faith to grow in ourselves and others.

In order to facilitate a deeper understanding of God’s Word and thereby to encourage gospel-centred living, the TCM bookstall has a wide range of books which explore further the regular teaching in our services and meetings. There are also helpful books on many aspects of life to which we need to apply God’s teaching.

Christian Books

We aim to provide books written by Bible-believing and Christ-glorifying authors, and which are completely faithful to the Word of God. The TCM Bookstall sources the vast majority of its books from Christian ministries, and we are able to offer the books at favourable rates.


The bookstall stocks copies of the Bible versions in common usage in church services, but the ministry also recognises that people have personal preferences for others, and that some people benefit from comparing the wording of Scripture from different versions.

Therefore we stock a range of versions, and have copies which vary in print size.

CDs and DVDs

Whilst Christ is always at the centre of our prayer and worship, we believe that Christ should also be at the centre of our entertainment, and so the bookstall promotes Christian CDs and DVDs.

The DVDs in stock have been professionally produced by highly-regarded, internationally acclaimed professionals.

If you attend TCM, email enquiries for Christian Books can be submitted by emailing the Church office.