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Please note: TCM does not necessarily agree with every view expressed in these resources, or with every interpretation of Scripture. We encourage you to exercise your own judgement in the light of your own understanding of God’s Word, and discuss any questions you may have with the leadership.

CDDVD iconBuck Denver asks, What’s in the Bible?
Phil Vischer
This resource is a must have for parents, Sunday school teachers and anyone else who has a responsibility to teach under-11s the importance and relevance of the Bible. Phil Vischer (author of Veggie Tales) presents a fantastic overview of each book of the Bible through the clever use of puppetry, song and cartoons. Spread over 13 DVDs, Phil Vischer and his wide variety of puppet friends introduce children to the history of the Bible while continually pointing to God’s amazing rescue plan through Jesus. In the midst of this, many searching questions are tackled, including creation issues, suffering, and war, to name but a few. Children will gain a fantastic knowledge about the Bible and be challenged in their own walk with the Lord in a very gentle but applicable way. Some parts also provide a useful ‘refresher’ for the teachers, e.g. the lists and key characteristics of the kings of Israel and Judah.

BookIconCDDVD iconThe 7 Laws of the Learner
Dr Bruce Wilkinson (Walk Thru the Bible Ministries)
Website: for further details
A biblically-based, practical course on how to teach/instruct. Great for Sunday school and other teachers. However, the principles explained and taught can be used to good effect in all environments, both within and without the church.

CDDVD iconVictory Over the Darkness
Neil Anderson (Freedom in Christ Ministries)
Website: for further details (also available from other sites/bookshops)
Equips Christians in spiritual warfare and teaches them how to deal with anxiety and similar issues.
Note: Neil Anderson has also written books such as The Bondage Breaker which help struggling Christians to take the steps required to enter fully into Christ’s victory.

podcast iconGrace to You
Pastor John MacArthur (Grace to You ministry)
Excellent sermons and other materials covering a wide range of subjects. Search by subject or scripture references. The podcasts are typically around 25 minutes long.

holiday iconNew Word Alive
Runs for two 1-week periods around Easter in North Wales. Great Bible teaching and seminars on a wide range of topics. Speakers of the calibre of Wayne Grudem. Accommodation standards are acceptable (not high), but a great week of refreshing and challenging teaching in a Christian environment. Lots of holiday activities also available and a very well stocked Christian resource shop.

course iconCDDVD iconBookIconFreedom in Christ
Led by Steve Goss. Focuses on who we are in Christ. Many Christians struggle trying to become what they already are (accepted by God). A very good, practical and thought-provoking course.

CDDVD iconBookIconNot a Fan
Kyle Idleman
Website: for further details (also available from other sites/bookshops)
A book and also avilable in DVD – short, 6-episode TV series following the life and death of a modern Christian man and showing the difference between a mere fan of Jesus and a true follower. Very powerful and thought-provoking.

software iconLogos/Libronix Bible Software
Various combinations available. New materials are automatically integrated into existing collections.

course iconCredo House
Credo House offer several theology courses for those who want to go deeper.
(Note: Only the Introduction Course has been viewed.)

course iconMoore Theological College
A flexible and great course for anyone who would like to study Theology part time. There is an option of exams at the end of the study term or course work. The course is broken down into modules intended to cover all the books of the Bible and various important themes and topics.

music iconK-LOVE
Positive and encouraging Christian radio station. Plays some of the better modern Christian music interspersed with short testimonies. The morning show starts at 11:00am UK time and has three presenters who are a pleasure to listen to.

BookIconMorning and Evening
C. H. Spurgeon
A good devotional allowing you to focus on a scripture for the day and another one for the evening. Short, easy to read and highly relevant expositions of Scripture. The daily readings are available in print or online.

BookIconBible Reading Notes
(adults); Engage (teenagers); Discover (11–13)
The Good Book Company
Daily Bible reading notes for different age groups focusing on different books of the Bible. Takes about half and hour and is easy to understand. Also has some helpful applications.

BookIconSaved Without a Doubt
John MacArthur
Website: for further details (also available from other sites/bookshops). Can also be ordered via the TCM Bookstall.
Am I really saved? Am I going to heaven? How can I know for sure? Every believer has wrestled with these questions at some point in their journey. Saved Without a Doubt tackles this challenging topic by examining Scripture to uncover the truth of salvation, while addressing tough questions that can hinder our faith. Readers will develop a Bible-based theology of salvation and be encouraged to securely rest in their personal relationship with Christ.

BookIconBasics for Believers: An Exposition of Philippians
D. A. Carson
ISBN: 978-0-80105-494-5
Website: for further details (also available from other sites/bookshops). Can also be ordered via the TCM Bookstall.
In Basics for Believers, renowned Bible teacher and scholar, Don Carson opens up the life-transforming lessons of Philippians, showing us how we can put the whole gospel first, learn to live as disciples of Christ and never give up the Christian walk.